About Us

Hey fellow sports fans, I would like to start off by introducing our company. We are a small team of only a couple of us guys. We are all in our mid to late twenties and are all huge sports fans. We started this company off after one of us made massive returns on a college football bet and ever since then we haven't looked back. We decided to start this company because all of us started having so much success after analyzing data of each game and playing numbers. After about a year of making massive returns we decided to make a website to help the people out there who are getting crushed by there bookie. We target customers who want to be successful just like us, which is why we offer these many different packages. Nothing makes a game more interesting then having a little bit or a lot of money on it. trying out our picks will allow your nerves to be at rest though, trusting we know what we are doing. Besides if we didn't then we would not of made this website and we wouldn't still be betting ourselves. This is a little bit about us and if you have any further questions feel free to contact us at mastersportpicks@gmail.com. Thank you and Good luck!!