How Are We Successful?

Sports could possibly be one of the most unpredictable aspects of the world, so how are we trustworthy and so good at what we do? Mastersportpicks is made up of a very professional team that has massive amounts of experience and skill to insure winnings. Throughout the day our team analyzes data & trends to compute the best possible picks day in and day out. 

How Does This Work?

One of the biggest questions we receive is how do we receive picks after purchasing a package. The way our system works is once you purchase a package, an email will be sent shortly after containing all the picks that are in whichever package purchased. Picks will vary depending on the details of each package. After your package expires, customers must come back to the store and renew their package by either buying a new package or buying a different package.

What Sports Do We Cover?

We cover four professional sports including MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA. We also cover 2 collegiate sports, NCAA Basketball and NCAA Football. On our website we have many different packages that include parlays, moneyline, spread, totals & prop bets!